Monday, July 13, 2009

Illinois leads nation in fighting Workplace Bullying

Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocates are proud to announce that Illinois House Joint Resolution #40, the study bill for the Abusive Work Environments Act, has passed with a unanimous floor vote of the Illinois House of Representatives. The bill's sponsor, Representative Art Turner, has has announced to IllinoisHWA that this bill also passed easily through the Illinois Senate. We thank Senator William Delgado's for his support in this effort.

To read about House Joint Resolution 40, visit:

Our true goal is to include both public and private sector employees in the "Abusive Workplace Environments Act," This bill that was sent to the Rules Committee (HB 374) only applied to public employees. In the short run, this seems like a setback. In the long run, we may do better as a State to include all workers because "work shouldn't hurt!"

The text HJR #40 is linked to the above site and uses the language "workplace bullying." We are happy with this progress and will keep you well informed as time passes. It would be a valued gesture now to thank House Majority leader Art Turner for the work he has done. E-mail: or (217) 782-8116. While you are at it, wish him well in his bid for Lt. Governor in 2010.

When the "Abusive Work Environments Act" passes into law, the Great State of Illinois will become the first in the United States to recognize and correct workplace bullying at all levels through legislation. We have given this country Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. How appropriate that we should also give our citizens humanity and civility at work.

The Mission of the Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocates
Is to Raise Public Awareness and Compel our State to Correct and
Prevent Abusive Work Environment Through Legislation


  1. Carrie,

    Just wanted to congratulate you/The Illinois Healthy Workplace on the NBC segment about Workplace Bullying...The hidden, abusive behavior of some employers is taking its turn in the spotlight...Love the informative blog...will post viewing info for NBC on my site as well...clara54

  2. Constant sabotage of my work by jealous bullying female coworkers and bosses, male bullying bosses who threaten lay-offs or job loss if I did not meet unreasonable demands that no one else could meet, sexual harrassment by male bullies, negative work reviews or being written up when my work was perfect or done as I was instructed to do by my training boss and coworkers, being given incorrect information when learning a new job or not being trained, so that I look bad and used to sabotage me and hold me back from raises or promotions, slander and lies spread about me to try to ruin my reputation, as I have worked in finance or with cash drawers in my management job I have now..threats that I am responsible for all money in store, if employees steal or give wrong change they will hold me responsible, as it will look like store theft, also constant threats of losing my job. It seems the better I am at my job and the faster I catch on..the more I am bullied. Bravo on this new law being passed in Illinois and nearly every state. Soon bullies will be sitting in a courtroom for their abuse and facing the consequences of their sick behavior.

  3. I can not wait for this bill to pass. I feel like in this economy the bullys have been given the unfair advantage. It needs to stop and stop now. People are getting mentally and physcially sick from this.

  4. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree

  5. I was recently told that I was too "soft" for not being able to counter harassing comments, gestures, rumors, sabotage and out and out humiliation at work. My boss frequently humiliates me in front of students and other staff members. I was told that niceness is a sign of weakness to be exploited and is an invitation to abuse. I was told that I asked for it, to trust no one, and to ignore " the other idiots that work here"...Now because I cannot function, I am called a dummy, crazy, naive, disturbed. Other staff members with the exception of two ignore me and ridicule me in an open campaign to force me out of my support staff position at a school. I have named my aggressors, but in having done so, I feel I have no future. I know I am in the right, but I feel powerless to stop the violence. This has happened at two workplaces, and I am out of steam. What is the use.


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